Welcome to our humble site.

Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves…..We’re just buddies who happen to be baristas and share the same passion for all things coffee. We would like to think of our new venture as a business but that really isn’t the case. We’re more white tee than shirt and tie, more hipster than hip replacement. We’re just making our dream become a reality. Whether you’re a budding barista or World Barista Champion we want to inspire you to be as excited as us when it comes to speciality coffee. They say ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ but we believe that the learning journey of a barista never ends. Perfection is always sought but never attained as new skills and techniques push the quality and level of speciality coffee ever higher. There is always something new to learn and although we offer advice, we can’t wait to hear from you through our social media channels so we can learn from you too. Barista Buddy has been created for Baristas, by Baristas. We want to provide the very best Barista tools for the best prices to supply both the domestic and commercial markets worldwide. We love the ‘quirky’ but we also love the ‘classical’. Although we love brands with true artisans at the heart of them, that beautifully craft woods and metals into beautiful ergonomic creations, we still can’t resist new brightly coloured gadgets and gismos. We hope you do too. We always look for the best quality and we always try to offer the best price for you – our Buddies. We’re only a small company at the moment but with your help and suggestions we hope to broaden our product range. Together we can inspire creativity in the world of specialty coffee. But that’s enough about us, what about you?…..